A few words about sustainability

BreezyPacks were created to solve a problem.
We do our best to avoid creating new ones.

Sustainability can be used as a buzzword, a marketing tactic, or it can be a true core value of the business. We try to think of sustainability in every decision that we make – in how we make, package, ship and market our products.

Some of the ways that it comes into practice are:

  • Creating durable, long-lasting products.
    We use quality components, from the fabric to the active material, to create a product that can last for many good years, and offer a 3-year guarantee to make sure we’re committed to making it last.
  • Using the most sustainable materials that we can.
    We currently use recycled materials for the insulation of BreezyPacks and tough linen canvas for the outer shell – which is both durable and requires less resources to manufacture compared to cotton.
  • Using minimal packaging.
    We understand that our plain brown boxes and black-and-white brochures might not be as attractive, but we also know that we’d rather use minimal, recycled packaging – even if it doesn’t look as good on unboxing videos.
  • Using sustainable shipping practices.
    Both from our suppliers to us and from us to you.
    We’ll be honest: This is a work-in-progress. We want our products to be accessible to all those who need them around the world, and that means relying on air shipping more than we would like. As our business growns, we manage to shift our imports to be done by ocean, and we’re striving to have domestic warehouses in popular destinations; gone are the days of shipping individual BreezyPacks to Australia by trans-pacific flights!

Our work is not done, and we aspire to be better. Making our business both financially and environmentally sustainable is a balancing act, and as we grow we slowly increase our capacity to sacrifice on the business side when necessary.

We welcome comments, ideas and criticism on all matters at:

So why buy from us?

We’re here to solve your problem.

We offer the simplest way there is to keep your medicine safe from the heat.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Don’t like your BreezyPack? we’ll take it back. Have an issue in the future? We’re here to help.

We run an ethical business.

We try to treat our employees, the environment, our suppliers and our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

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