Breezy Basic


Our basic, smallest and most affordable model – recommended for protecting up to 3 insulin pens or 1 EpiPen in warm climates.

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Our basic model, powered by self-regenerating phase change materials

  • Dimensions - 7X7X20cm (2.7*2.7*8 inch), 185g (6 oz)
  • Keeps 2-3 insulin pens or 1 EpiPen® safe from the heat. (2 EpiPens can fit without the protective plastic cases, and will be a tight fit).
  • Works for at least 6 consecutive hours at average temperatures of 38°C/100°F, 8 hours at 35°C/95°F, and full days at lower temperatures.
  • Safe for use at up to 41°C/106°F for shorter durations.
  • Recharges by itself overnight (when temperatures are below 24°C/75°F) or in 30min in a fridge
  • Great for traveling, hiking, working outdoors, going to the beach, or even just an AC-less apartment in a hot summer.

Additional information

Weight0.185 kg
Dimensions20 × 7 × 7 cm

Grey, Navy, Red

8 reviews for Breezy Basic

  1. Peter Wynne

    This looked like a great product but I only need one small case, at around £22 GB so I added it to the basket…..then it added something like £7 P&P (from within the UK too, apparently!) plus VAT of about £5, so even with my Balance magazine code of 10% off it was still coming in at an absolutely extortionate £33. For that reason I shall not be buying this item – it is overpriced for a small case and the P&P is not justified. I really dislike company’s that take advantage of people with medical needs. I understand development costs etc. but come on – this is excessively expensive – and the offer to buy two and get free P&P is hardly enticing me. I’d be happier if the P&P was more in line with actual carriage costs, but even then this company leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

    • Eyal Wormser

      Hello Peter – Eyal from BreezyPacks here; thank you for sharing your opinion with us.
      I share your dislike for companies that take advantage advantage of people with medical needs, and we definitely have no intention to do so.
      Our prices are directly based on our costs (with the necessary margins to keep our business alive, producing and innovating for our clients).
      We aim to keep BreezyPacks as affordable as possible, as we believe they solve an important problem and see our business as providing a service that shouldn’t be a luxury – yet creating a first-of-its-kind medical product does come at a cost that can be very different from that of a simple small case.

      The shipping prices we display are based on the actual cost of shipping the product to our clients: For the UK and other countries where we have domestic warehouses, these prices include a portion that accounts for the cost of shipping the products from our main location in Canada to the local warehouse, and can therefor be slightly higher than the net cost of domestic delivery.
      Not doing so would mean cross-subsidizing UK clientele at the expense of other countries, which we do not wish to do.

      Note that our products are also available on – In certain cases, and specifically for Amazon Prime members, the total cost of purchasing them there might come out lower.

      Best regards
      Eyal from BreezyPacks

  2. Sonia


  3. Tabi K

    Amazing product! I accidentally left this case in my car for an entire day, and it was 115 degrees. I can fit two pens & a vial in this small case. After the whole day in the car that hot the insulin was cool to touch, not even warm!

  4. AMRAT

    Sounds good

  5. Cathy Wilkinson

    Great idea!

  6. Cathy Wilkinson

    Sounds like a great idea especially traveling internationally.

  7. Kathryn Giles

    This is a brilliant product and works really well. We have taken them to hot countries and they performed really well. We fit two pens and needles in ours.

  8. Luann S.

    Haven’t received it yet but from what I see in the comments it sounds like it’s a good deal

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