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Frequently asked questions

General & Purchase related questions

Who are you ?

BreezyPacks is a small business located in Quebec city, Canada.
We are not affiliated with any manufactures of EpiPen, insulin, or any other drug.

We created this product to solve our own problem: The company’s founder, Eyal Wormser, was finding it difficult to keep his insulin safe while traveling and going outdoors. He tried different products that were not up to the task, and finally decided to use his own expertise – as a chemical engineer and researcher that have worked on developing  new materials for thermal applications, he was well equipped to solve this problem, and we’re happy to help offer this solution to many others.

Do you deliver to my location?

Yes, we do! We deliver worldwide.

Shipping times and costs vary based on your location – You can go to this page to receive an estimate.

Standard shipping is free for any order of more than one BreezyPack, no matter where you are.

Delivery in Canada, the USA and Australia will be done from a local warehouse whenever possible.


What currency are this prices in?

In yours, hopefully – our website is designed to detect your location and automatically enable you to buy in your local currency.

If, for some reason, it failed to do so – You can use the currency selector in the main menu to choose it manually.

What is your return policy & guarantee?

We hope that you will find your BreezyPack useful, but we also know that it can sometimes be hard to get a good impression of a product when shopping online – that why we offer free returns & a full refund for 30 days after receiving your order, no matter the reason.

We also offer a 3 year guarantee covering quality issues or product defects.


Can I buy your products somewhere else?

Yes, you can. While we benefit the most from purchases made directly from us, we encourage you to buy in the most convenient way that you can – We have local distributors in several countries, which you can find on this page.

If you purchase a product from a distributor order, shipping and return issues should be brought up directly with them. When it comes for technical questions and product related issues, we’re happy to help any BreezyPack owner, no matter where they purchased their it.

Are you FDA registered? Are BreezyPacks HSA/FSA eligible?

BreezyPacks are FDA registered:
Establishment registration X – under the name Innolou inc, the legal name of the company, Device registration Y.

Our products are HSA and FSA eligible – to purchase using a dedicated card we recommend that you buy our products on

Product related questions

What exactly do BreezyPacks do?

BreezyPacks are cooling cases for insulin, EpiPens and a variety of other medication. They keep medication below 30°C / 86°F (not fridge-cold), and regenerate at room temperature.

Can BreezyPacks pass through airport security?

Yes – BreezyPacks are TSA approved and are frequently carried through airport security as part of carry-on luggage.

How long are BreezyPacks good for?

Many years.

The active material used in our BreezyPacks has been carefully chosen and tested for thousands of thermal cycles – it does not degrade over time or expire.

The case itself is a fabric case – while we try to use quality components, how long it lasts is ultimately down to how well it is kept.

We are strongly opposed to planned obsolescence (producing products with a short lifespan to force clients to re-purchase), and hope that our products would serve you for as long as possible.
We’d rather grow our business by recommendations from happy clients – not by forcing them to re-purchase.


How are they different from other products?

BreezyPacks are an original product developed by us in-house, and they are the simplest way to keep your medication from overheating.

They do not require refrigeration, soaking in water, charging using electricity, or anything else besides for spending the night at room-temperature.


What is the temperature inside a BreezyPack?

While out in the heat, the interior of a BreezyPack is usually between 25-27°C / 77-81°F .

In extreme heat or after many hours outside, the temperature can rise up to 29°C / 84°F.

Do they need to be refrigerated or frozen before use?

No – the active material freezes at room temperature, so no refrigeration or preparation is required as long as nighttime temperatures are 24° / 75°F or under.

That being said, BreezyPacks CAN be placed in a fridge or freezer with no issue, and will regenerate very quickly in these conditions – about 30-60 minutes in a fridge or 15-30 minutes in a freezer. This can be useful if nights are hot or you just want a quick top-up to your BreezyPack. 

Never place your BreezyPack in a freezer with the medication inside – they will freeze!


Do BreezyPacks protect medicine from the cold as well?

BreezyPacks are insulated, but they do not actively protect against the cold the way that they do against the heat – in the cold, they’re no better than any simple insulated case.

As a Quebec company (and fans of winter sports) we are well aware of the difficulty of keeping medication from freezing during the winter, and are currently testing solutions for this issue.


Why does my BreezyPack feel hard, or has a funny shape?

In room temperature, the active material in BreezyPacks is frozen solid. During transport packages can go from hot to cold and be thrown around in many ways, sometimes resulting in the material freezing in odd shapes – to fix that, simply warm up your BreezyPack until the material softens.

To warm it up, you can place it outside in the heat for a few hours. If it’s not warm enough, you can place it next to a heater (BreezyPacks can be exposed to temperatures of up to 65°C / 150°F).
DO NOT place your BreezyPack in a microwave oven.



How can BreezyPacks be washed?

BreezyPacks should be washed by hand with warm water and soap – They should not be placed in a washing machine.