About BreezyPacks

We’re here to solve a problem.

BreezyPacks is a small business, owned & operated in Quebec city, Canada. We are not affiliated with any manufactures of EpiPen, insulin, or any other drug.

We created our products to solve our own difficulties with keeping our medicine safe; It might sound cheesy, but for us this is more about our customers having one worry less in their lives than about maximizing profits. We try to implement this thinking both in the development of our products and in our relationships with our costumers.

How We Got Started

BreezyPacks are the brainchild of Eyal Wormser – A Type 1 diabetic that had his insulin go bad too many times. You can see him on the right, hiking through the desert with one of the first BreezyPacks ever manufactured.

Unsatisfied with any existing solutions, he decided to use his expertise as a chemical engineer and researcher to make a better one for himself.

Realizing that many others share these difficulties and would like this solution, our business was established to make this product accessible to others.

Eyal Wormser, BreezyPacks founder, hiking through the desert with his insulin in a Breezy Basic cooling case.

A few words about sustainability

When we first lunched our products, we tested out different messaging to see what people care about: The fact that we use recycled materials, eco friendly fabrics and minimalistic packaging wasn’t it.

That doesn’t mean that our clients doesn’t care about the environment – just that, in the end, they buy our products to solve a problem and make their lives easier – the rest is a bonus.

But that does mean that we have to be extra-careful about how we operate – just because we could save money by using cheaper materials or simplify our lives by not caring where they’re sourced from, doesn’t mean we should. We operate as sustainably as we can – not because it sounds nice, but because we personally care about it and run our business in a way that matches our values. You can read more about our sustainability practices here.

We want to deserve your trust.

It’s hard to be a trustworthy company – but it’s not something we can compromise on.

Some people assume that because we are an FDA registered establishment and our products are FDA listed as medical devices, the rest shouldn’t matter.

We’re sorry to say that that’s far from being enough: in the end of the day, we are the ones who assemble our products every day, lab-test our active material, check each product for defects and make sure it arrives to the right place in the timely manner.

We don’t promise things we can’t live up to. We make sure no client is forced to pay for a product that doesn’t meet it’s needs, even if it we have to offer returns at our own cost for any reason – from anywhere in the world. We don’t outsource our customer support – so even if you only get answers during business hours, they would be from someone who know the product deeply, and often from the CEO himself.

If we weren’t good enough – tell us. If you’re not satisfied with your product – we want to know & help. And if you are satisfied, but still think something could be even better, or another problem we could help solve for you – let us know; Every single comment is read by our R&D team.

And a small, final note about reviews: We don’t incentivize for reviews, don’t accept or ask for reviews from people who aren’t actual users or we personally know and don’t seek to delete negative reviews. The only exception is that we do offer revenue-sharing (affiliate links) to content creators that choose to write about products – but we expect them to mention that and to write their honest opinion.

This policy might mean we might not have the same number of reviews as some other brands – but we’re proud of their authenticity and the stories they tell. You can check out some of them on our Google Profile:

So why buy from us?

We’re here to solve your problem.

We offer the simplest way there is to keep your medicine safe from the heat.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Don’t like your BreezyPack? we’ll take it back. Have an issue in the future? We’re here to help.

We run an ethical business.

We try to treat our employees, the environment, our suppliers and our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

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